The more drops of clean water there are, the more the world will shine (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)


Sinergeo develops and provides integrated management solutions for water resources in porous media, cracked clusters and karstic systems.

Our services and consulting offer can be customized to respond to the client's specific problem and context. Each new case poses a fresh challenge, a unique opportunity to be seized with enthusiasm.

Water is our primary objective. The sustainable use and protection of this precious resource poses serious questions that call for competence and responsibility.

Our sectors of interest range from aqueducts to energy and from farming to industry, but we also deal with the way water interacts with buildings and infrastructure, the role of fluids in hydrogeological instability, their links to the ecosystem, and climate change.

Application areas and services

  • water prospecting to identify underground water resources
  • bureaucratic procedures for well drilling and authorization to abstract surface water and groundwater
  • organization and execution of large-scale hydrogeological measurement campaigns
  • design, construction support and hydraulic testing for pumping wells
  • pumping tests on single and multiple well scenarios
  • studies about springs
  • planning and execution of tests for hydrogeological and hydrodispersive parameterization of aquifers
  • determination of groundwater velocity
  • tracer tests
  • optimization and recovery of pumping wells
  • video inspection in wells and piezometers
  • identification of wellhead protection areas for public and private wells
  • water safety plans
  • design of temporary and permanent drainage systems for engineering works
  • low enthalpy geothermal systems (open and closed loop)
  • groundwater sampling and analysis
  • implementation of analytical and numerical models for flow, heat and mass transport
  • monitoring networks: installation of measuring stations, monitoring management and instrument maintenance
  • assessment of aquifer vulnerability
  • rainwater management
  • hydrochemical studies and isotopic analyses



Geological and hydrogeological study for the construction of a new water well in an urban area

Evaluation of the impact of a geothermal heat exchange plant